Sex toy trend 2021: air pressure vibrators

The best known sex toys are undoubtedly the vibrator and the dildo, which are designed for women. However, there are also sextoys for men. Each sextoy has its own function and type of stimulation. But what are the sextoy trends?

What is a sextoy?

Sextoys or intimate toys are products that help you have fun during sex. They are used for paired experiences, for masturbation. Today, there are hundreds of types of intimate products. They are sex toys for men and women, devices for couples. They even include intimate cosmetics, as they also help to make sex brighter and more interesting. You can buy sex toys in special sex shops. A wide assortment will allow you to find something useful for any person or couple. And some types of products are sold today in drugstores, but there the choice is much smaller.

What is an air pressure vibrator?

A vibrator is an electric sextoy that generates vibrations to stimulate various erogenous zones of the body. There are vibrators specifically designed to stimulate the vagina, clitoris, G-spot or anus. In addition, the toys are available in different materials and shapes. They can be used during masturbation, but also with your partner during foreplay or intercourse. And air pressure vibrators are stimulators that use an air pressure technique. These vibrators emit pulsating waves, giving the impression that the clitoris is being sucked in without touching it. The sensation of these vibrators can be compared to oral sex. Since the clitoris is not touched, with these vibrators it is possible to experience multiple orgasms without the clitoris becoming too sensitive.

What are the sex toy trends for 2021?

A new trend in the world of sex toys concerns devices controlled from a smartphone. They allow you to have experiences in bed that are not only pleasurable, but also fun. Vibrators, masturbators, vaginal balls and anal plugs can now not only vibrate, but also be part of interactive games or experiments with distant partners. Sex toys such as air pressure vibrators can be activated not only by the buttons on the device, but also from a smartphone and remote control is possible.
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