How an appointment with an escort works in detail


What is an Escort Girl? How do you make an appointment? Meeting an Escort Girl follows a defined set of steps. It is not enough to knock on her door directly. You have to follow certain steps to make an appointment with escorts girls in Geneva.

With advanced technology, it is no longer difficult to meet an Escort Girl. With just a few clicks, the search is done quickly. But to make the search easier and quicker, it is necessary to define your needs beforehand, such as age, physical characteristics, services performed, price, and more precisely the objective of the meeting. But how exactly does an appointment with an escort girl take place?

What is an escort girl?

An Escort or an escort girl is a sex worker who exercises her profession in the greatest discretion. More precisely, she does not walk the streets or display herself on the public highway. She can either be employed by an escort agency or be an independent worker.

Escort girls or escort agencies publish their services in newspapers. There are even magazines with details of information about escorts. And with the advancement of technology, everything is on the internet. Compared to simple street prostitutes, their rates are high. Some of them depend on specialized escort agencies. Financial reasons are most often the reason for this activity.

Where to find an escort girl?

The first thing to do is to define in detail what you want: company to go to a restaurant, to walk around or to enjoy sexual fantasies? Because you have to respect the clauses of the contract to avoid any inconvenience. The price also depends on your objective.

Once you have decided on your needs, it is now time to surf on the internet and visit sites specialised in escort girls. This is the best solution. There are many specialised sites, but you will find yourself on a good site if you notice that the advertisements are posted every month, not every day for second choice Escorts. There are also sites showing high-end Escort girls with sexy pictures.

Newspaper advertisements with phone numbers also exist to find an Escort girl if you don't want to waste time on the internet. But for more security, agencies are more interesting but you have to pay a lot more for the intermediary's commission.

How to make an appointment with an escort girl?

Once you have chosen a girl, talk about your needs, you should specify in detail the duration of the meeting, a whole night or just two hours, use sex toys or other objects because it depends on the services. It is advisable not to haggle over prices. 

It is important to choose your words well on the phone and to respect the person you are talking to. It is like inviting a friend so that an atmosphere can prevail during the meeting. 

All the details of the meeting should be discussed with the girl or her manager beforehand. The place of the meeting and the time can also be discussed and negotiated.

The detailed timing should be specified, e.g. dinner in a restaurant first, drinks in a bistro later, a movie and a hotel. Everything is set up like clockwork.

During the interview, either by phone or e-mail, make sure that your choice does not lead to problems: ask her if she is at least 18 years old and if she has an official document that allows her to practice this profession. She could be a policewoman in an intelligence service or an exploited child. When making appointments, it is necessary to take notes. You have to be careful.

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