Honey, why don’t we try a sex toy? How to propose to your partner?

The sexual relationship is an important element in the maintenance of a couple's city. It is, in fact, a fusional relationship. It is an expression of attachment and love for the person you love. How to encourage your partner to try sex toys?

The need to vary the pleasures

For couples who love each other, sexual intercourse is a form of shared love-passion. In this intimate relationship, partners are dynamic and creative in their pursuit of mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Techniques for getting pleasure include sexual positions, kissing, caressing, etc. But to spice up one's sex life, it can be interesting to use a sex toy. The woman may well suggest this idea to her partner. To convince him, it is possible to propose as an argument the variation of pleasures. With a sex toy, such as a vibrating egg or Geisha ball, the woman can experience new sensations. The partner, on the other hand, has other effective ways of giving pleasure to the loved one.

The attractions of multiple caresses

Offering a sex toy to your partner is not at all a difficult undertaking. The trick is to make suggestions on the basis of maximising pleasure in bed together. To convince your partner to use sex toys, you can talk about the multiple caresses made possible by these sex objects. The couple can, for example, use a suction cup dildo to experiment with certain unusual sexual practices. Still for pleasure, they can also use a clitoral stimulator, an anal plug... In any case, sex toys give ideas and maintain creativity. They are key erotic objects to spice up your sex life.

Orgasm through the use of sex toys

Sex toys are not just for singles. Couples can use them to enhance their lovemaking. If a woman finds that sex tends to become monotonous, she may well suggest a sextoy to her partner. Again, the most effective argument is the quest for mutual pleasure. With a sex toy like the G-fist and clitoral stimulator, the woman can easily have an orgasm. She can also experience intense pleasure by using a vibrating anal plug at the same time as vaginal penetration takes place. Professionals in the field of erotica point out that these kinds of sexual practices, with the help of sex toys, guarantee multiple orgasms.
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