Female pleasure: which sextoy to choose?

If not properly maintained, sex life can quickly fall into a monotonous routine that immediately makes it much less exciting and interesting. Various means are now available to solve this problem. The use of sex toys is a perfect example, as they help to satisfy the body's needs and to please oneself. Moreover, these small objects add spice and excitement to your sex life, and are a way to find new pleasures and try new experiences. There are many different types of sextoys on the market to satisfy the needs and desires of every woman, knowing which one to choose will not always be easy, especially if you have little experience in the field. Finding out which sextoy to choose then becomes important.

Ask yourself the right questions

Before choosing which sex toy to buy, it is first necessary to ask yourself some questions about your body's needs and your desires. You must then determine the areas that you will stimulate with your sex toys, if you want anal pleasure, ring plugs will be perfectly suited, however, for your clitoris, a vibrator will be more appropriate. In case you want to find your G-spot, curved sex toys will have a small bump, which will be ideal during penetration. Secondly, it is important to know if you will be using your toy for long periods of time. If so, you need to choose one with a high durability and a strong battery. Some will be mains operated, while others will be battery operated, so if you want it to be portable and versatile in terms of movement, a mobile toy is recommended. Finally, you also need to find out what your desires are. It is possible to opt for very realistic devices, or on the contrary, more designer ones. Although it has no impact on performance, the size of the device should also be taken into account. For more detailed information on the subject, and to find out where to get your sex toys, go to cravacheetchocolat.

The different types of sex toys

A wide range of sex toys are available today to give real pleasure to the female body. Vibrators are among the most popular, also known as "dildos", these are realistic devices with a phallic shape. These will be used mainly for penetration, especially to target the vagina. So you can choose one if you want to increase your vaginal sensations. They can be vibrating or non-vibrating, and some can be heated or cooled according to your desires. If your aim is to excite more targeted areas such as the clitoris, then turn to clitoral stimulators. These will have a tip that sticks to the clitoris to send a series of waves that stimulate it and can lead to orgasm. To stimulate your G-spot, curved sex toys are ideal, as they have a small bump that will be positioned on the G-spot during penetration. In case you don't want to stimulate your vagina, ring plugs are small objects for anal pleasure, which can offer you unique experiences. They come in different sizes, and the larger they are, the more sensations you will feel in your anus. In order not to be absorbed by the anus, these sex toys will have elbows.

Selection criteria

The first criterion to take into account is the material the sex toy is made of. Generally, these will be made of silicone, but some can be made of latex, glass or even wood. In any case, latex sex toys are the most recommended, as they are more pleasant and softer. Silicone and latex are also more hygienic than the others, so cleaning will be much easier. The second criterion concerns the type of lubricant used in the device. In order not to damage the device, it is not advisable to use silicone-based lubricants. So when you buy your sextoy, make sure it uses water-based lubricants, which are not corrosive and are better suited to the vaginal flora. The last criterion to take into account is the price. Prices may vary depending on the type and quality of the device. Try to determine in advance how much you want to spend and make your choice accordingly.
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