What are the best brands of sex dolls today?

Day by day, many brands of sex dolls are appearing on the market. Some future customers do not know how to decipher the luxury product among the many types and brands. The choice of body, face, size, or wig can quickly become a hell for the incompetent. Moreover, some manufacturers do not provide clear information about the sex dolls and this makes the task even more complicated. To know the quality of each model and brand, you need to do some research and advice.

The best brands of sex dolls

The truth is that the right brand of doll is subjective and unique to each individual. But in order to choose a love doll by brand, you need to define the general quality, the possible customizations and the price first. In any case, all the brands of sex dolls on the market are not really of the quality. On the other hand, some sites like Sex-Dolls-Europe offer Silicone and TPE dolls of remarkable quality. For example, the best brands that offer TPE sex dolls are DS DOLL and WM DOLL. The body variety, face variety, realism, skin durability and sexual sensations with these doll brands are top notch. Brands like 6YE DOLL and JELLYNEW are among the best.

High-end sex dolls WMDOLLS

You are in the very high end of sex dolls with this very famous sex doll brand. WMDOLLS chooses TPE for the making of its dolls. In terms of body realism, the factory has a secret manufacturing process. Indeed, it has a lot of flexibility, with a soft texture absolutely bluffing to the touch. For the cases of the metal articulated skeletons, the whole movement is complete. The range is solid, with a better rigidity. You can find all the possible natural movements of a human body.

6YE DOLL PREMIUM dolls for unforgettable sex

This type of doll is incredible for its body and realism. The doll's genitals are equipped with the erogenous parts of the premium series. The manufacturers reproduce sex dolls that are almost identical to a real woman in their sexual parts and breasts. The aureoles and nipples are lightly pigmented. You can fondly knead the realistic breasts of your love dolls. Speaking of quality, the 6YE premium real dolls are sturdy and have many points for perfection. Its sturdiness allows you to enjoy it for a long time.
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