How does a sextoy with app work?

Among the latest models of sex toys available on the market, you can opt for the sex toy with app. This is a model that can connect to your smartphone. You can connect them remotely using your smartphone with a dedicated app to install. Whether your phone runs on Android or iOS, you can always have a compatible app to be able to control the sex toy. The most common model is the vibrating egg, an egg-like device that is usually inserted into the vagina and can be remotely controlled using your smartphone.

Why opt for the connected sex toy?

New technology is also entering the world of sexual pleasures as in any other area. Although sex is still taboo for some people, others are not embarrassed to talk about it. The days of sending letters or messages to your partner in the hope of making her come are over. Today, you can take control of pleasure objects that are connected. There are models of connected sex toys that can be controlled from a (very long) distance. Ranging from a few metres for models using Bluetooth connection, for example, to thousands of kilometres for couples who live apart.

How connected sex toys work

You have a choice of which object to choose. You can choose a sex toy that connects using the Bluetooth of your smartphone. This means that you can then operate your sex toy using a dedicated app installed on your phone. If you choose to use a sex toy in your couple's sex life, you can give control to your partner which is a great way to introduce foreplay. All types of sex toys have a recent model that can be controlled remotely, including anal plugs, clitoral stimulators and various vaginal insertions. Using a sextoy with an app that can be controlled with your smartphone offers many advantages. One of these advantages is discretion. You can for example use the vibrating egg anywhere and take pleasure at any time without anyone knowing.

Limitations of a connected sex toy

The main limitations of a sextoy with an app are the distance and the quality of the connection for models that require an internet connection. For models that use Bluetooth connectivity, the connection will be limited by distance. Your partner will not be able to control the object if it is too far away. For the latest models, you can save the settings used in the last session if you have chosen to go for the models that connect to the internet. However, connection fees may apply.
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