How is a sex doll articulated?

Sex dolls have become very popular in recent times. They can satisfy the needs of many men at any time. In order to have the same title as a real woman, silicone sex dolls have metal skeletons that promote positions, movements and joints. This ensures that you don't suffer from over activity or unrealistic positioning. But how do you handle the metal joints of your silicone sex doll? Don't hesitate to learn the possible movements on the ball-joint skeleton and the rigid joint skeleton.

Easier movements with sex dolls

With ball-jointed skeleton sex dolls, you will be able to propel their limbs without difficulty for many, many years. These types of dolls can make smooth movements. The choice of skeleton depends on your needs and the use you wish to make of your sex doll. Feel free to find your love dolls on Rigid jointed skeletons can satisfy you for long hours of posing during a photo shoot or during a show. If you wish to use a doll exclusively for sex, choose the soft jointed skeleton.

Precautions to take when articulating the head of a sex doll

In general, there are limits to the articulation of sex dolls. Whether it is for a sexual position or a photo shoot, certain precautions must be taken into consideration to preserve your love doll. A metal connector connects the head of the silicone or TPE sex doll with its body. This can be a problem if you don't know how to articulate your doll. Neck breakage can occur if you tilt your doll's head backwards or forwards beyond a 45 degree angle. However, the face can be rotated from right to left without any problem.

Joint limits for other limbs

There are also contortion limits for the shoulders and arms of your silicone love doll. The dolls are made identically to human skeletal bones, so the limbs cannot rotate or bend in unrealistic directions. However, you will be able to bend the handles up and down at 45 degrees separately. In any case, try to choose skeleton sexdolls that suit your sexual movements and positions for a breathtaking sexual encounter.
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