Does a sex doll require a particular type of maintenance?

Many people, both men and women, fall under the spell of sex dolls. These are slilicone dolls on which anyone can freely carry out their fantasies. With the advancement of technology, these sex dolls are constantly evolving, providing sensations that are closer to human contact, but they require a certain level of hygiene.

Why clean and maintain your sex doll?

Sex dolls require a particular type of maintenance because its members will be in direct contact with the genitals. A simple failure in the hygiene of these accessories could cause infections and diseases. In addition, you need to maintain it so that it can last long enough before it becomes totally unusable. To do this, some materials are needed. These include those that are already supplied with the sex doll when you buy it, such as the comb or the complete oral, anal and vaginal enema system of the object. You will also need a mild soap, water, a soft cloth or towel and mineral oil or water-based petroleum jelly. Note that this is not an exhaustive list. You can buy silicone sex dolls online, as well as the materials necessary for their maintenance and hygiene.

When to clean a sex doll?

The softness of the accessories to clean the sex dolls is important to avoid damaging them. For a hygiene of quality, you must maintain your sex doll rather frequently. Cleaning is best done before each use, especially on active areas such as the mouth and sex. To remove dust residues, you should clean your sex partner at least once a month. If you have chosen a TPE (silicone or thermoplastic elastomer) sex doll, it is ideal to oil it every three months. Avoid using products that contain alcohol when cleaning.

Some tips on cleaning a sex doll

When cleaning your sex doll, you should remove all liquids with a soft towel dedicated to this purpose. You can use condoms to contain any fluid. For a female sex doll, you can remove the vaginal insert so you can wash it. Use soapy water and let the insert air dry. For a male model, you can use a spray bottle while wiping the private parts with a sponge.
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