Top 5 naughty board games to play as a couple

Published on : 21 December 20212 min reading time

It is not uncommon for your relationship to become uninteresting due to routine. Fortunately, there are several naughty board games to spice up your sex life and restore your desire.

A good way to discover yourself

It can be difficult to find out about your partner’s desires or secrets, but when you play a naughty board game, the subject immediately becomes more interesting. Questions, challenges, but above all, rewards that are sure to please your partner. It’s a simple and effective way to get closer together with a view to starting foreplay, or just to increase your libido.

Spice up your relationship with naughty games

There are plenty of naughty board games to break the ice and rekindle the flame. It seems that these games bring back the joy of living and passion in order to break the sexual routine in which many couples are locked. They are original, entertaining and allow you to experiment with new things. This will only enrich your life as a couple.

The best naughty games

There are many different types of naughty board games to increase excitement and desire. The 69 Dorcel is a question and answer game with prizes for the losers, the aim is to engage in foreplay. It is interesting because it will keep you throbbing for at least fifty minutes. Fuck me is a strategy game, played with cards, which aims to teach the Kamasutra to enterprising couples looking for something new. Action ou vérité version couple, is also among the best. This time, you are subjected to either an action or a truth. In this case, it’s either naughty truths or hot actions, which will immediately make your couple much more lively.

Nirvana is a naughty game played with dice and counters. The aim is to use the cards to let each other know what you really want, your desires, your most hidden fantasies. Finally, the love bath is played as a couple in a bathtub where you dip the cards in water and pull them out blindly in order to complete challenges. In short, naughty board games will bring the desire and excitement you are looking for in your couple.

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