Which sexy lingerie to choose according to your morphology?

Buying and ordering lingerie should be a must for every woman's wardrobe. But in order to choose lingerie, you need to know which lingerie will work best with your body type. Knowing your body type is a necessary step in finding the right sexy lingerie. Moreover, there are several categories of lingerie depending on the context in which you will wear it. So how do you choose sexy lingerie according to your body type? And this choice is very important in order to be comfortable in your underwear.

Which lingerie for an A shape?

If you have an A-shaped body, then which sexy lingerie should you choose? The A shape is characterized by a small chest with wide hips. For this type of body shape, the main thing is to harmonize your proportion. You should therefore choose a bra or lace-like lingerie. The padded effect will increase the volume of your breasts and the worked back of the model will make your bust a little voluminous. And for the panties of this lingerie, opt for the indented style which has the property to draw your buttocks. These panties also emphasize your hips and highlight your bottom.

Morphology in 8: which lingerie to choose?

Women with a figure 8 shape have a well-defined waist and chest. Women with a figure 8 are characterized by their curves. But which sexy lingerie to choose for a figure 8? For the figure 8, you need to choose a bra that is well adapted to provide good support. But you can also choose the model that has a minimizing effect to distribute your volume well. And for the choice of the panties, the ideal is to choose a high-waisted model. These panties have the possibility to make your voluminous side look very remarkable. This lingerie model also harmonizes the proportion of your body parts.

V-shaped: the ideal lingerie

If you have a V-shaped body type, then which sexy lingerie should you choose for your body type? The V-shape corresponds to the body shape of an athlete. The bust is very developed and the hips are less pronounced. You should therefore choose dark coloured lingerie with finishing details. You should also choose a model made of lace or other similar materials. However, when it comes to choosing a bra, all models fit your figure very well.
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