Open lingerie: a guaranteed hot effect

Open lingerie has become an essential trend in 2021. Indeed, it is the ideal outfit to spice up your date night. For special occasions, don't hesitate to wear open lingerie for maximum sexy effect. This way, your partner will be in awe of you and will be unable to resist you.

What is open lingerie?

As the name suggests, open lingerie is a naughtier and more daring version of women's lingerie. Here, we are talking about underwear and tops that show a part of the woman's body. The naughtiest women will have no trouble adopting them and optimising their charms with this kind of explicit lingerie. For a change from classic lingerie, you can opt for a minimalist open thong or open panties. These pieces will help to arouse desire. With this new trend, bras reveal a woman's beautiful breasts and do not have a cup. For an optimal naughty effect, they are often adorned with chains, frills or a sexy little bow.

When should I wear open lingerie?

It is important to know that open lingerie is not a comfortable outfit that women can wear under their clothes. They are just those naughty little outfits that will maximise the desire on both sides. However, they are real seductive assets. What's more, they often have laces made of quality materials, namely elastane and polyester. This makes them comfortable to wear so that you feel good about yourself.

Which open lingerie should I choose?

If you want to spend a hot night with your partner, you'll have to rely on your little outfits. That's why you need to know how to choose the right open lingerie to arouse your lover's desire. So, it is advisable to choose the pieces according to your desires and preferences. For example, you can choose an ultra sexy open bra such as a boob job. Combine it with an open mini thong split at the crotch. Don't be afraid to use sheer and/or lace-up pieces either. If you like the piece to be more provocative, don't hesitate to choose a topless combination or a sexy red trikini!
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